Hey there! I am Emma Bell, a Southern-Californian artist currently working as a freelancer as well as interning at Morningstar Entertainment and GAS-ART Gifts!
I'm graduating from CSUF’s Animation/Illustration program in Spring 2024. I adore character design and storytelling and am working hard to enter both the kid and adult spaces for TV and Feature. I aspire to help bring funny, compelling, and original stories to new audiences!
Let's work together on your next project! I have worked with many clients on an array of projects in the following roles: Character Designer, Storyboard Artist, Prop/FX Designer, Title Card Artist, Development Artist, and Background Artist.
In the rare instance I’m not drawing, you can find me writing, playing with my guinea pigs, cleaning, or hanging out with my handsome husband. Feel free to contact me for work, or just to say hi!
email: emma_is_bell@yahoo.com

My Mission 
There’s a lot one can learn in nearly every children’s cartoon, but my personal favorite is Fanboy & Chum Chum, a goofy Nickelodeon kids’ show from 2009. Why was that important to me? I’ll tell you why.
Firstly, it was the very first source of inspiration that awakened this passion in me. The same passion that pushes me every day to make a name for myself in the art industry. Secondly, the show opened my eyes to the world of criticism, both bad and good. Fanboy & Chum Chum was not a popular show by any means and, having chatted with the creator in person, I’ve gradually learned how to both welcome constructive criticism and distance myself from unnecessary flack. I’ll take a “That design looks flat” and ignore “Bro, you blow”.
Thirdly, to this day it inspires me push and exaggerate my own character designs. Every artist wants to bring life to a drawing, but part of the fun is remembering how surreal cartoons can be and applying logic to such an illogical, crazy-looking being. It seems like a lot of young artists have the same anime-esque art style, which is fine. However, I look at these conventionally “attractive” anime-boys and anime-girls characters and, in an act of defiance (and self-preservation), lean toward the surreal. I must go big or go home!
Which brings us to the most exciting part: my mission as an artist is to bring the zaniest, “funnest”, craziest toons to kids all over the world, the same way my favorite did. I want to make them laugh their heads off, cry their eyes out, feel every bit of joy, upset, and anger. I want to give them something they can escape into and forget about their worries. I want to inspire them to think big and dream even bigger. I want to give them hope and keep them smiling.
Drawing inspiration from Catholicism, the natural world, and my own experiences, I have the ability to create a wide variety of stories. Not just zany characters with insane stories and kooky worlds, but characters who grapple with the complexities of faith and doubt, characters that explores the beauty and fragility of nature. I want to resonate with audiences on every level, invite them to reflect on their own beliefs and experiences
In conclusion, my journey as an artist has been shaped by the influence of surreal cartoons, the lessons learned from criticism, and the desire to bring joy and inspiration to young audiences. By combining zany characters and imaginative worlds with deeper themes and reflections, I hope to create stories that resonate with viewers on multiple levels and encourage them to explore their own beliefs and experiences.
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